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14 years ago, why should Arundhati go to jail?

June 19, 2024 6:36 am

14 years ago, why should Arundhati go to jail?

The Delhi Police has been given permission to initiate a case against Arundhati Roy under India’s tough anti-terrorism law UAPA for a comment she made 14 years ago. Booker prize-winning writer should really go to jail?

A BBC report on Tuesday raised questions about this.

According to reports, in 2010, at a conference organized by the Association for the Release of Political Prisoners, Arundhati Roy said, ‘Kashmir was never an integral part of India. This is a historical fact. Even the Government of India has accepted it.

Allegation against this famous writer, she gave a provocative speech in that meeting. Due to this, the Delhi Police has registered a case against him under multiple sections and is investigating. A few cases were adjourned due to failure to complete the investigation on time. Delhi Lt Governor VK Saxena has given permission to reopen those cases.

During 2016-2020, UAPA was imposed on more than 24 thousand persons. Although only 212 of them have been convicted, 97 percent are still in jail. Because it is almost impossible to get bail in this case.

But the question has arisen that as a result of Arundhati’s comments, there are signs of unrest in Kashmir? Is there any connection with his statement to separatist activities? No such evidence has ever been presented in court, nor made public. Rather, this year’s general elections were voted peacefully in Kashmir.

Did the police find any new evidence in this, on the basis of which a comment made 14 years ago required the imposition of strict provisions like the UAPA?

Delhi Police has not disclosed anything on these issues. As a result, the question that has come to the fore is – is the application of this clause in the interest of justice, or merely political?

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