33 people died in flash floods in Afghanistan

April 15, 2024 3:40 am

33 people died in flash floods in Afghanistan

Three days of heavy rains and flash floods have killed at least 33 people in Afghanistan.

The disaster management department of the government has given this information. News Al-Jazeera.

Janan Sayek, spokesperson of the department on Sunday, said that the flash flood occurred due to rain since Friday. This resulted in huge human and financial losses.

According to preliminary data, 33 people died and 27 people were injured in the flood.

About 600 houses were damaged or destroyed in the floods. Due to this, most of the casualties occurred due to roof collapse. Besides, 200 cattle died. About 600 kilometers (370 mi) of roads were destroyed and about 800 hectares (1,975 acres) of agricultural land were flooded.

Heavy rains hit 20 of the country’s 34 provinces. Of these, West Farah, Herat, South Zabul and Kandahar were the worst affected.

Authorities have warned that more rain is likely in most provinces of Afghanistan in the coming days.

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