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Afghan Government Embraces UN Mission’s Mandate Extension for Diplomatic Outreach

March 17, 2024 2:01 pm

Afghan Government Embraces UN Mission's Mandate Extension for Diplomatic Outreach

In a surprising move, the Taliban authorities in Afghanistan have welcomed the renewal of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (Unama) mandate, emphasizing the importance of strengthening ties with the international community.

Following a unanimous vote by the UN Security Council to extend Unama’s mandate until March 17, 2025, the Afghan government expressed optimism about the mission’s role in facilitating connections between Afghanistan and other nations. Government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid highlighted the need for Afghanistan to engage with the global community, citing Unama’s potential to enhance diplomatic relations.

Despite the Taliban government’s lack of official recognition by any country since its rise to power in August 2021, concerns over human rights and security, particularly women’s rights, have persisted. However, Mujahid urged Unama to help convey progress on security and stability to the international community, while also condemning what he referred to as “unfair pressures” on Afghanistan.

The call for the release of frozen Afghan assets remains a priority for the Taliban government, underscoring the economic challenges faced by the nation. Mujahid’s remarks come amid discussions among national and regional special envoys to Afghanistan in Doha, focusing on enhancing engagement and a coordinated response to the country’s evolving situation.

Acknowledging Unama’s crucial role, the representative for Japan, which holds the Security Council’s rotating presidency, emphasized the mission’s importance in deepening engagement with the Taliban government. However, the Taliban authorities have rejected the proposal for a UN special envoy to Afghanistan, citing Unama’s existing presence on the ground as sufficient.

Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi reiterated the Taliban’s stance, stating that a separate special envoy appointment is unnecessary. Despite differing perspectives on certain recommendations, the extension of Unama’s mandate signals a willingness from both the Afghan government and the international community to navigate the complex challenges facing Afghanistan through continued dialogue and collaboration.

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