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After 31 days those 23 Bangladeshi sailors are free

April 23, 2024 10:47 am

After 31 days those 23 Bangladeshi sailors are free

After 31 days, 23 sailors of the Bangladesh flag ship ‘MV Abdullah’ were freed from the hands of Somali pirates.
On Saturday (April 13) at 4 pm Bangladesh time, when 3 bags full of ransom dollars reached the hands of the pirates, the ship along with the sailors were freed.

It is known that the Somali pirates left MV Abdullah at 4 pm after receiving 3 sacks full of dollars as ransom. Satisfied with the ransom, the pirates are believed to release the sailors. However, Kabir’s group did not confirm the amount of ransom paid.

Shahriar Jahan Rahat, Deputy Managing Director of KSRM Group confirmed this information.

He said that the sailors were supposed to be brought back before Eid. But times are changing. Using Jahan Mani’s experience in the past, 23 sailors were quickly freed.

He also said that the freed 23 sailors will be taken to Chittagong by plane. After reaching Chittagong they will return to their relatives after completing some formalities. And the rescued ship ‘MV Abdullah’ will go to Dubai. New sailors will join the ship there.

On March 12, the Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah with 23 sailors was taken hostage by Somali pirates.

Earlier, in 2010, MV Jahan Mani, a vessel owned by the same group, was ransomed by the group three months after it was hijacked. Again there are precedents of a ship being freed after six to eight months. From this point of view, the ransom was discussed very quickly.

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