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Air India suspends flights to Israel

April 23, 2024 10:47 am

Air India suspends flights to Israel

Iran has fired more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel. Amid such tension, Air India has stopped its services to Israel. The airline has stopped the flight from Delhi to Tel Aviv on Sunday.

According to a report by NDTV, last Saturday (April 13) Iran attacked Israel late at night. Numerous drones and missiles began to fall on the territory of Israel. Israel’s Navatim Air Base and a military infrastructure on Mount Hermon were heavily damaged by Iranian missiles.

On the other hand, an intelligence infrastructure of the Israeli army on Mount Hermon has been targeted. Because numerous attacks on various positions of Iran in Syria have been conducted from this place.

In such a situation, Air India stopped its services to Israel. Delhi-Tel Aviv flight service has been suspended from Sunday, the agency said. Air India authorities have not given any details about when this flight service will start again.

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