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Bangladesh and Nepal Forge Hydro-Energy Alliance to Fuel Regional Growth

March 31, 2024 3:14 am

Bangladesh and Nepal Forge Hydro-Energy Alliance to Fuel Regional Growth

In a groundbreaking seminar titled “Pre-event Seminar on the 3rd Nepal Investment Summit -2024,” Nasrul Hamid, the State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, delivered a resounding message of collaboration between Bangladesh and Nepal.

At the heart of his address was the recognition of Nepal’s immense hydropower potential and Bangladesh’s surging energy demands. With the looming necessity to bridge this energy gap, both nations are poised to embark on a transformative journey of cooperation.

Highlighting the strides made, the State Minister unveiled plans for Bangladesh to invest in Nepal’s hydro projects, facilitating the export of electricity to both India and Nepal. This strategic move not only addresses Bangladesh’s energy needs but also underscores the region’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Ambassador Ghanshyam Bhandari echoed these sentiments, urging Bangladeshi investors to explore opportunities across various sectors in Nepal, including hydropower, infrastructure, and information technology. The call for collaboration resonated deeply as Nepal extends its hand to global investors, envisioning a future of shared prosperity and growth.

Bangladesh and Nepal Forge Hydro-Energy Alliance to Fuel Regional Growth

With the upcoming Nepal Investment Summit 2024 on the horizon, stakeholders are gearing up to chart a path towards economic transformation. CEOs, policymakers, and experts will converge to explore investment avenues and forge partnerships, signaling a new era of economic vitality for the region.

As Nepal positions itself as a premier investment destination, the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering an investment-friendly environment is evident. With streamlined procedures and a keen focus on private sector development, Nepal stands ready to welcome investors with open arms, bridging resource and technology gaps for sustainable economic development.

The collaboration between Bangladesh and Nepal is not just about energy; it’s about laying the foundation for a future where regional cooperation drives progress and prosperity for all.

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