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BJP getting a chance to score in an empty field?

April 23, 2024 10:49 am

BJP getting a chance to score in an empty field?

Narendra Modi’s BJP is dreaming of a big victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India. But the opposite image is in the anti-camp. In more than 235 constituencies, Rahul Gandhi’s party Congress has not yet finalized its candidates. There was no agreement on the seat even with the major partner parties of the India alliance.

India’s 18th Lok Sabha elections are in full swing. The top leaders of the political parties are making various promises while campaigning and going to the voters.

This is how the BJP and NDA leaders are playing the election slogan before the Lok Sabha elections, ‘This time Modi government – this time pass 400 seats’.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already held more than 30 meetings before and after announcing the election schedule. But the opposite image is in the anti-camp. Rahul Gandhi’s Congress could not field candidates in more than 235 seats.

Congress has not fielded candidates in states like Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, as the India alliance is in trouble in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh. There was no agreement with the major parties of the alliance.

In the last 2019 elections, Congress fielded candidates in 419 seats against BJP. This time, the country’s oldest political party is going to fight for the fewest seats in the history of India’s parliament, which has dropped to almost half of that number.

Not only the Congress, but the left parties are also in a poor position in the fight for votes. In the last election, candidates were given in 69 seats, but this time they did not cross the quota of 50.

Political analysts say that the opposition political alliance India has given the BJP an opportunity to score in an almost empty field without fielding a rival candidate. It will not be surprising if the BJP and its allies use this opportunity to reach their target of 400 seats.

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