Chief of Army Staff Prabhu Ram Sharma Highlights Challenges Faced by Small States Amidst Global Strife

March 14, 2024 11:35 am

Chief of Army Staff Prabhu Ram Sharma Highlights Challenges Faced by Small States Amidst Global Strife

In a thought-provoking address, Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) Prabhu Ram Sharma emphasized the pressing need for collective action and unwavering commitment to safeguard Nepal’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and economic prosperity amidst escalating tensions among powerful nations.

Speaking at the inauguration of a high-level national security training program jointly organized by the Defense Ministry and the Nepali Army at the Army Command and Staff College, CoAS Sharma underscored the importance of fostering a shared understanding and coordinated efforts to address the multifaceted challenges confronting the nation.

“Analyzing both national and international dynamics, it becomes crucial to formulate and implement policies that safeguard our national interests,” CoAS Sharma remarked, highlighting the direct and indirect implications of conflict among dominant global powers on smaller states like Nepal.

Within the Nepalese context, CoAS Sharma identified geopolitical sensitivities, porous borders, and the interests of influential nations as significant challenges. He also pointed out the impact of religious and communal tensions and the clandestine activities of separatist groups on national security.

Expanding on the complexity of modern security concerns, CoAS Sharma stressed the necessity for comprehensive understanding and effective enforcement of policies and laws across various sectors, considering both traditional and contemporary security threats.

Echoing similar sentiments, Defense Secretary Kiran Raj Sharma emphasized the importance of multi-sectoral dialogue, coordination, and cooperation to bolster national security resilience.

The ninth edition of the high-level training program, which commenced with the participation of 30 individuals from diverse sectors including ministries, constitutional bodies, academia, civil society, media, and security agencies, aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to address evolving security challenges. Since its inception in 2072 BS, a total of 173 individuals have undergone this intensive training program, reflecting Nepal’s commitment to enhancing national security capabilities in the face of dynamic global security landscapes.

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