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Full of promises in the Congress’s election manifesto

April 6, 2024 5:07 am

Full of promises in the Congress's election manifesto

The Indian National Congress has announced its manifesto ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in India. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Mallikarjun Kharge released this election manifesto at the party headquarters in Delhi. News from NDTV

It promises jobs in 30 lakh government vacancies, cashless health insurance up to Rs 25 lakh, financial assistance to women, caste enumeration and caste-based reservation up to 50 per cent (for SCs, STs and OBCs), 10 per cent reservation for financially backward upper castes.

In January, Rahul said in the ‘Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra’ that his journey stands on five principles. It is the demand of women, youth, farmers, workers and the right to participate in power according to the population. The election manifesto of the Congress has been prepared in accordance with the promise of justice.

It also seeks to ensure the legal right of farmers to ensure minimum support price for their crops. In this case, Congress president Kharge announced the action in accordance with the recommendations of the committee led by agronomist MS Swaminathan.

In the manifesto, there is also a plan to launch an infrastructure development program aimed at providing employment to the poor people of the city. Along with this, it is about the constitutional right to provide a one-year livelihood-oriented apprenticeship for graduates under the age of 25.

There has also been talk of restoring full statehood to Jammu and Kashmir. The Congress election manifesto has also promised to scrap the temporary ‘Agniveer’ recruitment program introduced during the Narendra Modi era and bring back the local recruitment program in the army.

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