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International Response Mobilized as Pirates Seize Bangladeshi Vessel in Indian Ocean

March 12, 2024 2:45 pm


In a concerning development, pirates have successfully hijacked the Bangladeshi-flagged MV Abdullah in the Indian Ocean, raising alarm bells internationally. The ship, en route from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates with a cargo of coal, fell prey to the pirates’ operation, leaving its 23 Bangladeshi crew members in their custody.

The vessel, owned by the KSRM Group’s SR Shipping and primarily engaged in freight transport, transmitted a distress message at approximately 1:30 pm on Tuesday, Bangladesh time. SR Shipping CEO Mohammad Meherul Karim confirmed the incident, stating, “The pirates have taken control of the ship. Our sailors are being held hostage. We are trying to get more details.”

The ship’s captain, Abdur Rashid, leads the crew now in captivity as the international community scrambles to respond to the piracy threat. This incident echoes a similar event in December 2010 when Somali pirates hijacked the Bangladeshi vessel MV Jahan Moni in the Arabian Sea. In that previous incident, 25 sailors and the wife of the nickel-bearing ship’s chief engineer were held hostage for 100 days before being successfully freed through diplomatic efforts.

With piracy posing a persistent threat to maritime security, the latest seizure of MV Abdullah highlights the need for coordinated international efforts to ensure the safety of seafarers and the security of vital sea routes. As authorities work to gather more information about the current situation, concerns about the welfare of the hostages and the potential implications for global shipping routes are paramount.

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