Modi Mania Grips Times Square: Multi-faith Leaders, Indian Diaspora Celebrate India’s Global Rise, Inclusive Growth Under PM Modi

July 10, 2024 8:52 am

Modi Mania Grips Times Square: Multi-faith Leaders, Indian Diaspora Celebrate India's Global Rise, Inclusive Growth Under PM Modi

Several religious leaders of minority communities and the Indian diaspora in the United States praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ensuring the inclusive growth of minorities in India and making them equal partners in the nation’s global rise in the past decade.

Several religious leaders of minority communities and the Indian diaspora in the United States praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ensuring the inclusive growth of minorities in India and making them equal partners in the nation’s global rise in the past decade.

They had participated in a ‘Roundtable Meeting’, co-organized by the Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) and The Unity of Faiths Foundation, Bharat (TUFF Bharat), on inclusive growth and equal opportunities for all communities, particularly minorities PM Modi on Monday evening (local time). The multi-faith leaders thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making India a safe haven for minorities.

They said during the over 10-year tenure of Prime Minister Modi, all communities have developed equally and inclusively, as a result of which India has also given a message of universal brotherhood and communal harmony to the world.

Besides others, the roundtable meeting was attended by Rajya Sabha MP and IMF Convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu, IMF co-founder Professor Himani Sood and TUFF co-founders Anna Bornholt and Shamender Talwar.

Participating in the roundtable meeting, religious leaders said that due to the tireless efforts of the Prime Minister, today India has become the biggest example for the world as a symbol of unity in integrity.

“It is because of PM Modi that India has created its own identity today. Under the leadership of PM Modi, India is going through such a big change, as never before,” they said.

Religious leaders highlighted that all Indian citizens, regardless of their religious affiliation, have benefited from Modi government policies that have lifted over 25 crore (250 million) people out of poverty during this period.

After the roundtable meeting, a walk of solidarity was held from 47th Street in New York to Father Duffy Square to celebrate and salute the spirit of India.

With the popular musical number ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ playing in the background, Times Square reverberated with the chants of “Modi Modi” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” as a video clip played on-screen atop the square showed Bharat’s growing stature under PM Modi and the promise of a prosperous, sustainable and harmonious planet as envisioned by PM Modi-led India.

Amid cheers for PM Modi and India, members of the Indian-American community joined multi-faith leaders and members of the Indian diaspora and people from diverse fields in a celebration of Modi 3.0 and India’s global rise in the past decade under Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the iconic New York City destination.

During the event, the audience praised India’s phenomenal rise in the last decade and PM Modi’s ever-growing popularity as a global leader. They said India will emerge as the world’s third-largest economy in Narendra Modi’s third term as Prime Minister.

Indian Diaspora said India’s growth story will continue under Modi 3.0 as India is ready to take a giant leap, backed by its scientific acumen and technological prowess, under PM Modi’s third successive term.

MP and IMF Convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu said until 2014, minorities succumbed to alienation in India for almost 65 years since independence and resigned to their fate of being left behind with respect to economic development and education.

“The lives of minorities in India have been transformed under PM Modi’s leadership. The Modi government has followed an all-inclusive approach while implementing the welfare schemes. With the magic mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’, the Modi government practices only one religion -India First! with unity and inclusivity. As PM, Modi is passionate about ensuring development for all and appeasement towards none. In New India, it is not about a particular religion, sect or caste, it is about Indians who are getting equal opportunities. PM Modi is doing a phenomenal job of making India rise again on the world stage,” he added.

Sandhu said PM Modi’s tenure has been marked by a holistic and inclusive approach to governance.

“From empowering farmers and women to driving economic growth, preserving culture, and leading on the global stage, the government’s efforts have laid the foundation for a resilient, empowered, and globally respected India. As the nation continues on the path of development in PM Modi’s third term, it is evident that the vision of Viksit Bharat by 2047 is not just a slogan but a living reality shaping the destiny of a vibrant and dynamic nation,” he said.

Ann Clare Bornholt, the co-founder of The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF) said that no leader in India or anywhere else has ever before crossed barriers and dealt with them like PM Modi has done.

“PM Modi is exceptional; he has a phenomenal job ahead of him. He is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary force behind him. He has a lot of people hoping that he is going to help the underprivileged. No leader has ever before, not in India, not anywhere else, crossed barriers and dealt with them like PM Modi has done; he is breaking them all on every level. It would be wise for people globally to support his concept of One Family One World One planet. I bow down to the courage of PM Modi,” Clare said.

Neeta Jain, the founder and president of the International Ahimsa Foundation, and representative of the Jain community in New York, said that PM Modi believes in the ancient Indian wisdom of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

“Our foundation promotes Ahimsa (non-violence) especially in our young children because they are our future, as our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also believes in our future generation. I resonate with our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision and belief of Akhand Bharat means that entire India is united and one nation and he believes in the ancient Indian wisdom of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam that the whole world is one family; every single country of this world is one family,” Jain stated.

“What connects Jains with Modi is his attitude, his actions, his behaviour and what we believe in pluralism. Modi is himself is a big example of that. What is doing around the world and the country shows he is a big follower of Jainism. Everybody knows that Modi practices Jainism in his everyday life and he really believes in Ahimsa (non-violence). Ahimsa or non-violence is the supreme religion. He believes in that and that is the only way to bring the whole world together under one umbrella,” she added.

Mahant Sri Maa Rajyalaxmi, a religious leader said “only the visionary leadership of PM Modi can avert World War III.”

“Today, the world is facing one of the biggest crises in the history of mankind. With the conflicting situations arising in countries like Iran, Ukraine and Russia, there is only one person who can solve this crisis and prevent the Third World War and that is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi has already taken several measures to avert that risk to a large extent. PM Modi has ensured inclusive development and welfare of people from all communities,” she said.

“‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, that is what PM Modi is talking about everywhere that entire universe is ours and if we protect the universe for our children, and grandchildren, that is the only children going forward. We’re polluting the air, Mother Earth and everything. How we can stop that, PM Modi is discussing with Russia, Ukraine, and the USA. He is in the centre stage and Bharat is in the centre stage,” the leader added.

Baba Baljit Singh from Chicago said, “We are here to see PM Modi on the screen at Times Square. It’s a very pleasant time for us. Under the leadership of PM Modi, India is witnessing development and minorities are protected in India. They (the Modi government) did a lot of things for minorities and the Sikh faith. When Indian citizens come abroad, they feel proud because the country is witnessing great development with each passing day. Minorities in India be it Buddhist, Jains, Sikhs or Muslims, are feeling protected under the leadership of PM Modi and they are thankful to Modi in India.”

Several Indian Muslim leaders in the US said they are celebrating Bharat and the country will always remain united.

Mohammad Farooqi from New York said, “We are here to celebrate Bharat. Today, we all Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, have come here to celebrate our unity in diversity and our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Under his leadership, Bharat is one and will solidify its position and it will go further up from here,”.

“India is formed to take along every culture and religion. Bharat was never about a religion. Today it’s discussed in the world that India is divided between various religions, India was always one, is one and will remain united as one. The beauty of India lies in its unity in diversity. We were united in the past, are united in the present and will remain united in the future as well. We are proud that PM Modi is taking this idea forward with his mantra of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas forward. And I hope India will grow further in the time to come. We need a strong leader, we have a strong leader and I want to see India as the next superpower under PM Modi’s leadership,” he added.

Jani Sheikh, from Florida, said, “We came to celebrate the unity of India under the leadership of Narendra Modi. India is making good progress under PM Modi’s leadership over the past 10 years and it’s going to grow more and more in the next 10 years. Very soon, it’s going to be the world’s third-largest economy under the leadership of Narendra Modi. All Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are one under the leadership of PM Modi.”

Jonathan Granoff, the President of the Global Security Institute, also lauded PM Modi’s leadership and said he is leading with the motto of ‘World is One Family.’

“I am deeply inspired by the fact that India, when it hosted G20 recently highlighted that we are in fact One Earth, One Family with One Future, based on the ancient wisdom of Upanishads that sits over the parliament of India that the world is One Family,” he said.

“Modi is leading with this motto and this is the practical necessity of the world today, this spiritual insight of unity of humanity because it’s exactly that unity that we need to overcome our divisions and work together to protect one planet that gives us all life, the gift of creator, One Family One Future and I am so grateful to be able to support that message that India is carrying for all of us,” added Granoff.

“I don’t think we can have peace in the world unless we have peace amongst and within the world’s religions…a country such as India…which has over its Parliament the model ‘World is one family’. We just saw in Times Square, a statement by PM of India, ‘to be inclusive, to honour the sacredness of the natural world that shared environment’. If India goes on the path of being an example of unity and multiplicity, an example of respecting the human rights and dignity of all religions and all people, it will be the most powerful statement to the world of becoming the world we have to live in,” he stated.

Gurcharan Singh, the former executive of the World Bank, said PM Modi is spreading the message of unity and harmony the world over.

Praising PM Modi for spreading the message of universal brotherhood and harmony the world over, Former Executive of World Bank, Gurcharan Singh said, “It was indeed a very delightful experience to watch the video here at Times Square NYC that showcased the unparalleled developmental works done by PM Modi.”

“Today, PM Modi’s message of unity and harmony has spread all across the world. PM Modi has tremendous respect for all communities and shares a special bond and affection with Sikhs. PM Modi has said that all communities must celebrate Parkash Purab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, this shows his love, respect and deep affection for Sikhism and Sikh Gurus. All Sikhs of the USA are with Modi,” he added.

The Indian youth, who were present there also praised PM Modi and said all the youth are with him.

An Air India cabin crew member said, “It indeed is a proud moment as works of PM Modi were showcased in a video at Times Square. A Rath Yatra and Pran Pratishtha of Shri Ram Mandir in Ram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya, were shown here, which indeed was a scintillating experience. As an Indian, it is a unique experience, as our country is being portrayed as the best in the entire world. All Indian youth are with PM Modi.”

Another young Indian girl said, “It’s great to see PM Modi being featured here at Times Square. It’s a great feeling that our country is being portrayed in the world’s best cities. So we are really proud Indians.”

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