Murder of Bangladeshi MP Annar: 3 accused in eight days remand

May 24, 2024 11:27 am

Murder of Bangladeshi MP Annar: 3 accused in eight days remand

The court granted eight-day remand to the three accused arrested in the case of the murder of Anwarul Azim Annar, the ruling Awami League Member of Parliament of Jhenaidah-4 Constituency in West Bengal, India.

Those remanded are Tanveer, Shimul Bhuiyan and Celesti Rahman.

They were produced in the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court of Dhaka on Friday around 2:30 pm. At that time, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Mahfazur applied to remand them for 10 days for proper investigation of the case. After the hearing, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Dilruba Afroz granted remand on Tithi.

Earlier on Thursday, Syed Amanullah, Faisal Ali and Celesti Rahman were arrested in this case.

Anwarul Azim Annar was mysteriously murdered in Newtown near Kolkata’s Dumdum Airport while seeking medical treatment in India. He went to Calcutta through the Darshana-Gede border on May 12 to seek treatment for neurosis. But the next day he disappeared mysteriously. Basically he was killed on the same day (May 13).

This incident came to light on Wednesday. On the same day, Anar’s daughter Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen (24) filed a case against the unknown accused at the Sherebangla Nagar police station in the capital.

Meanwhile, an Indian investigation team reached Dhaka at 3 pm on Thursday. After 6:30 pm that day, Intelligence Bureau of India officer Antu Kumar, four people including Jaideep went to the DB office. They discussed various aspects of Anar’s death with the DB Wari Department there. Later, the Indian High Commission in Dhaka held a meeting in the afternoon at the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) headquarters. At the same time, they also spoke to the accused of the murder case arrested by the DB. Later, DB left the office around 9:50 PM. They did not speak to reporters at this time.
After the meeting DMP Additional Commissioner (Detective) Md. Haroon Or Rashid told reporters, “The delegation of Kolkata Police has spoken to the accused who are with us. The defendants have given them the same information that they have given us. They heard the statements of the accused. Besides, Calcutta Police is trying to recover various parts of the victim’s dead body through those who have been arrested in that country.

He also said that this team of Kolkata Police will stay in Dhaka for several days. They will come back to DB next Saturday. A team from Bangladesh can go to Kolkata. But who will go is still not decided. Seniors will decide on this.

According to DB sources, the Indian policemen will talk to the investigating officer and the family of the deceased Anwarul Azim. They will also interrogate the three accused arrested in Bangladesh in connection with the murder. Arrest of two Indian citizens suspected in this incident will also be discussed.

Sources related to Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DB) said that the investigators did not know that Amanullah was Shimul. After the arrest of Shimul Bhuiyan and Tanveer Bhuiyan in connection with the murder of MP Anna, Tanveer told DB that Amanullah is his cousin. At that time, when asked about the difference in the names of the two, he said that they are both fake. There were many cases against Shimul due to his involvement with extremist groups. So he changed his name to Syed Amanullah to confuse the police.

According to DB sources, most of the killers of Anna’s murder are now in the intelligence network. Due to strategic reasons, not everyone’s name can be mentioned at the moment. The arrested persons have already given detailed information about how the murder is happening. However, the reason for the murder is not yet known. It is initially believed that Shaheen’s relationship with MP Anar deteriorated over gold smuggling and the Hundi system. The parliamentarian probably received a large sum of money from Shaheen. He may have been killed in a premeditated manner with the idea that the money would not have to be paid if the MP was killed.

At first they wanted to complete the killing mission in Bangladesh, but later in that meeting it was decided to kill in Kolkata. The Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police has arrested three people and is conducting extensive interrogation in connection with the murder. They are Shimul Bhuiyan alias Amanullah, his brother Tanveer Bhuiyan and master planner Aktaruzzaman Shaheen’s girlfriend Celesti Rahman. Besides, two others are detained in India, said DB.

According to DB, the body of parliament member Anwarul Azim Anar was dismembered after he was killed. Bones and meat are separated and mixed with turmeric powder and taken out from the nest. However, it is not yet clear where the dismembered body was dumped.

DMP Additional Commissioner of Police (Detective) Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said in a press conference at the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police (DB) office around 3:00 pm on Thursday that Anwarul Azim Anar, a repeatedly elected member of the National Parliament of Bangladesh, was brutally murdered on May 13 in Kolkata. His body was cut into pieces and dumped in various places.

Murders and missing bodies in West Kolkata. We have three people involved in the murder. According to them, for two to three months, the assassination of Parliamentarian Annar was planned. The mastermind of the murder, Aktaruzzaman Shaheen, held multiple meetings at two residences in Gulshan and Bashundhara. Whatever the political, economic or other reason behind killing Anar, it will be brought out.

DB chief of DMP. Haroon Or Rashid said that the first plan of the murder was on the soil of the country, but later the murder was planned outside the country due to the fear of the intelligence police. As part of the plan, a house was rented in Kolkata on 25 April. The house rent agreement says they will move there on April 30.

Accordingly, Aktaruzzaman Shaheen, his girlfriend and the mastermind of the murder, Amanullah, left Bangladesh for Kolkata by air on 30 April. They were watching for two months when the victim went to Kolkata. The victim has been to Kolkata many times before. Stayed there for a long time. On May 12, the victim MP Annar moved to Kolkata and stayed at a friend’s house. He was murdered the next day.

Additional Commissioner of DB Harun said that the killers knew in advance that the parliament member would go to Kolkata on May 12. As a result, he went to Kolkata on April 30 and hired two more people as per the murder plan. One of them is Jihad aka Zahid and another is Siam.

Aktaruzzaman Shaheen decides which car will be used in the murder, who will be there and how much money will be paid to whom. Aktaruzzaman Shaheen moved to Bangladesh on May 10, leaving 5-6 people in that rented house in Kolkata. On the day of the incident, a man named Faisal approached in a white car from the house of a friend of Parliamentarian Anna. Amanullah, the main killer, got into the car from there.

Raja, an Indian national, was driving the car. This king took them to that house. Another person named Mustafiz went there soon after Anna went to that house. Jihad aka Zahid and Siam were already inside the house. The brutal murder took place within half an hour of entering the house. Half an hour or an hour after the murder, one of them went out. He used the victim’s mobile phone to send some messages to different people. They send this message by diverting the matter.

Haroon Or Rasheed said the killers’ plan was to hide the body in such a way that no one would ever find it. That is why they divide the victim’s body into different parts. The main killers Amanullah and Zahid or Jihad took the two briefcases to the public toilet after separating the meat from the bones and putting the meat in a suitcase. Siam was already waiting there with a car. From there Siam and Zahid or Jihad left with the dismembered parts of the body. Then the main killer Amanullah came home.

The next day, Amanullah and two others removed the remaining meat in polythene. If someone catches the meat on the way, they mix it with turmeric powder, so that they can say that they bought it from the market. That is, their intention was to hide the body in such a way that no one would ever discover its existence. After committing the murder, the criminals moved to Bangladesh one by one.

On May 15, the main killer Amanullah and Aktaruzzaman Shaheen’s girlfriend moved to Bangladesh. Mustafiz arrived in Bangladesh on May 16. Thus, when the killers moved to Bangladesh one by one, the main mastermind Aktaruzzaman Shaheen took Vista Airlines from Bangladesh to Delhi first and waited there for two hours from Delhi to Kathmandu. From there he moved to the United States via Dubai.

The additional commissioner of DB also said that after the murder, they sent messages from the victim’s mobile phone to different people to convey that the victim is still fine. The last message sent on May 18 said, ‘I am going to Delhi. I will meet the Home Minister there, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh will go there. There will be talks about getting the ministry.

Criminals try to mislead the criminal investigation agency by committing the crime through the device. Because of this, the mobile phone of the victim was sent to various places including Benapal, Mozaffarabad. In response to a question, he said, we will find out the reason for the murder later. We have got everything about who is involved.

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