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Najibullah Haqqani Highlights Afghan Telecommunications Progress, Urges Global Engagement

April 6, 2024 5:06 am

Najibullah Haqqani Highlights Afghan Telecommunications Progress, Urges Global Engagement

Najibullah Haqqani, the acting Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, shed light on the remarkable strides made in Afghanistan’s telecommunications sector during a recent interview with TOLOnews. While emphasizing the nation’s commitment to Islamic principles, Haqqani extended an olive branch to the international community, urging them to reassess their approach towards the Islamic Emirate.

In his address, Haqqani underscored the significant advancements in telecommunications accessibility across Afghanistan, revealing that 61% of the population now enjoys access to these vital services. This figure, he noted, is only the beginning of what promises to be a transformative journey for Afghan communication infrastructure.

Highlighting the ministry’s efforts to combat corruption, Haqqani emphasized the recent restructuring initiatives that have brought key telecommunications entities back under its direct supervision. He emphasized a newfound transparency, particularly regarding the 10% tax levied on credit cards, with proceeds exceeding five billion afghani funneling directly into the state’s treasury.

Moreover, Haqqani emphasized the strategic consolidation of telecommunications assets, ensuring a more cohesive and efficient administration under the purview of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology. This reorganization, he argued, marks a departure from the fragmented landscape that prevailed prior to the Islamic Emirate’s governance.

While championing these domestic accomplishments, Haqqani extended a diplomatic call to the international community, urging them to abandon what he characterized as ‘hostile’ approaches. He emphasized the Islamic Emirate’s unwavering commitment to Shariah law and national interests, inviting constructive engagement that aligns with these principles.

In closing, Haqqani painted a picture of a resilient Afghanistan, poised to embrace technological progress while remaining steadfast in its cultural and religious heritage. His message conveyed both a sense of pride in past achievements and a hopeful anticipation of future collaborations on the global stage.

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