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Nepalese mayor’s daughter goes missing in Goa

March 28, 2024 4:10 am

Nepalese mayor's daughter goes missing in Goa

Md Lotfar Rahman Azad, Senior Reporter:

Aarti, daughter of Gopal Hamal, mayor of Nepal’s submetropolitan city Dhangadhi, was missing for the past few days.

Gopal Hamal expressed concern on social media after not finding his 36-year-old daughter.

Aarti’s small boat and bonjamai come to India from Nepal to search for the missing Aarti. If an FIR is filed, the police will investigate.

Aarti was rescued from a hotel in Goa on Wednesday. Aarti is found in that hotel in North Goa’s Chopdem village. Aarti was in Goa for the past one month.

A massive search was launched in Goa to find Aarti, police said. The police had information that when Aarti was last seen, she was conscious.

After finding the girl, the mayor of Nepal Gopal Hamal wrote – ‘I express my gratitude to the Nepali brothers and sisters living in Goa who helped in the search. My elder daughter Aarti, younger daughter Arju and son-in-law are together.’

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