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‘New India’ enters enemy’s home and kills: Narendra Modi

April 6, 2024 7:47 am

'New India' enters enemy's home and kills: Narendra Modi

Campaigning around the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India is taking place across the country. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting in Rajasthan’s Churu on Friday after the high-voltage meeting in Cooch Behar last Thursday. In the campaign meeting of his party BJP in the state of Rajasthan bordering Pakistan, he once again attacked neighboring Pakistan without mentioning his name.

Recently, the influential British newspaper The Guardian published a report about the killing of 20 people on the soil of Pakistan. The report claimed that Delhi ordered the killing of those 20 people on Pakistani soil. It is believed that the Indian intelligence agency ‘R’ is behind this.

In the report, several Pakistani officers claimed that the order to kill the 20 people came directly from Delhi. According to reports, the dead were mostly killed by unidentified gunmen.

Pakistani intelligence claims that the ‘sleeper’ cell of the Indian intelligence department is working behind this. However, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar himself rejected all the claims of the Guardian report.

According to a report of the Indian media Hindustan Times, when there was a heated discussion around that report; In the meantime, Narendra Modi fired such a cannon at the BJP’s campaign meeting in Rajasthan on Friday.

While reviewing the development of the country in his speech, he mentioned about ‘One Bank One Pension’ in the Indian Army.

The Indian Prime Minister said, ‘We have given one bank one pension, we have given concessions to the army to retaliate at the border… Enemies know it is Modi, and this is New India… New India enters the enemy’s house and kills them.’

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