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`Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will be ours’

March 25, 2024 4:25 am

`Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will be ours'

Md Lotfar Rahman Azad, Senior Reporter:

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s recent statements on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) have sparked discussions about the region’s future, amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions.

Speaking on India TV’s program ‘Up Ki Kahtal’, Singh reiterated India’s stance on POK, emphasizing that the people of the region aspire to be part of India. His remarks come against the backdrop of heightened scrutiny over Pakistan’s administration of POK and growing discontent among its residents.

Singh’s comments also addressed Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s remarks on Kashmir, suggesting that Pakistan should focus on addressing issues within POK rather than concerning itself with Kashmir.

While discussing the government’s actions regarding POK, Singh refrained from divulging further details, emphasizing India’s commitment to peaceful resolutions and its reluctance to engage in aggressive tactics.

Singh’s assertion that POK rightfully belongs to India echoes sentiments expressed by political activist Amjad Ayub Mirza, who highlighted disillusionment among POK residents towards Pakistan’s governance and expressed hope for integration with India.

On the topic of potential aggression from China, Singh emphasized India’s prioritization of peaceful relations with its neighbors while underscoring its readiness to defend its sovereignty if necessary.

Singh’s remarks have reignited debates surrounding the Kashmir conflict and underscored India’s diplomatic approach towards addressing territorial disputes.

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