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Pirates planted anti-aircraft weapons on MV Abdullah

March 23, 2024 3:59 am

Pirates planted anti-aircraft weapons on MV Abdullah

The European Union’s (EU) own navy is monitoring the movements of the Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah, held hostage by Somali pirates. On the other hand, the pirates are firing blanks to show their ‘strong’ position.

In addition, they have placed anti-aircraft weapons on the side of the ship. The armed pirates are also targeting the 23 sailors detained in the presence of the EU ship. But so far all the sailors are healthy.

A member of the sailor’s family gave this information to the media on Friday (March 22) night, quoting a hostage sailor.

He said, there is a shortage of fresh water in the ship. For that, the sailors have to face the problem of using water. 30 to 35 armed pirates are on constant guard on the ship. Pirates have increased their surveillance of sailors since the presence of warships. They are not allowed to stay in the cabin. Everyone has to use a toilet. Sailors are also in trouble with food.

Meanwhile, social media X (formerly Twitter) posted a photo of the pirates’ anti-aircraft gun on Wednesday. The photo was published by The Daily Somalia and the Indian Air Force’s X account.

The photo of the anti-aircraft weapon shows the weapon wrapped in cloth and pointed towards the sea.

On the other hand, the European Naval Force in North West Indian Ocean security posted three pictures and a video of their position near the MV Abdullah in a post on social media X last night.

In addition to surveillance, members of the EU Naval Force can also be seen patrolling the airspace in the video. The EU Naval Force deployed warships but did not report any operations.

According to the latest location, the ship is now anchored by pirates one and a half nautical miles off the coast of Gadvajiran, Somalia.

On March 12 afternoon, the SR Shipping ship owned by the industrial group KSRM was taken hostage by Somali pirates. The 23 sailors there were locked in a cabin. The ship’s internet connection was also shut down. The sailors’ mobile phones and dollars were taken away.

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