Politician is lying on the bed of money, the picture is viral

March 28, 2024 4:11 am

Politician is lying on the bed of money, the picture is viral

Benjamin Basumatari, a politician accused of corruption in the Indian state of Assam, sleeps on a pile of 500 rupee notes. One such picture has gone viral on social media.

The chairman of the Gram Parishad Development Committee (VCDC) in Bhairaguri in Assam’s Odalguri district was seen lying on a bed with Rs 500 notes strewn about. News from NDTV.

Local sources said the Bodoland leader is accused in a large-scale corruption case linked to the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme and Rural Jobs Scheme.

He allegedly took bribe from poor beneficiaries under PMAY and MNREGA schemes under VCDC of Basumatari in Udalguri Development Zone.

After the picture went viral on social platforms, there was a huge backlash.

Questions have also been raised as to whether Basumatari is a member of the Bodoland-based United People’s Party Liberals (UPPL). Opponents claim that he is in UPPL.

However, UPPL claims, he was expelled a few months ago.

Incidentally, UPPL is known for its anti-corruption stance.

UPPL chief and Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) chief executive member Pramod Boro clarified the matter this morning. He said that Benjamin Basumatari is no longer associated with the party.

Pramod Boro said in a statement that a picture of Benjamin Basumatari is being widely circulated on social media.

We would like to clarify that Benjamin Basumatari is no longer associated with UPPL. He was expelled from the team on 10 January 2024 and disciplinary action was taken against him.

He also said that the BTC government has dismissed and removed him from the post of VCDC Chairman on February 10, 2024.

I request all media and social platform users to refrain from associating Benjamin Basumatari with UPPL. Responsibility for his actions is entirely his own. The team is not responsible for any of his personal actions.

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