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President of Maldives called India a ‘close partner’

March 24, 2024 6:48 am

President of Maldives called India a 'close partner'

Md Lotfar Rahman Azad, Senior Reporter:

Maldives President Mohammad Muijju has repeatedly made headlines for his anti-India remarks. Relations between Malaysia and New Delhi have been cooling ever since the country’s president was elected. But this time India is the ‘closest’ ally of Maldives, he said.

In the midst of India-Maldives tension, while talking to a local media on Thursday, Muijju said that India has always extended a helping hand to Maldives. New Delhi has done many projects in the island nation.

Muijju said he hoped the Modi government would waive off the loans taken by the previous government from India. Maldives took a loan of 400 million dollars from India at the end of last year.

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