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Prominent Analyst Highlights India’s Singular Concern: Security Amid China’s Sri Lanka Involvement

March 14, 2024 11:40 am

policy analyst N. Sathiya Moorthy

In a candid assessment, policy analyst N. Sathiya Moorthy shed light on India’s primary apprehension regarding China’s engagement in Sri Lanka, citing security as the focal point of contention.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mirror, Moorthy emphasized that India’s reservations regarding Chinese involvement in Sri Lanka emerged prominently following the arrival of Chinese submarines in Colombo in 2014. Prior to this development, he noted, India had not voiced significant concerns over China’s activities in Sri Lanka.

Moorthy’s observations underscore the pivotal role security considerations play in shaping India’s response to regional dynamics, particularly concerning neighboring nations like Sri Lanka. As geopolitical tensions continue to simmer, Moorthy’s insights provide valuable context to understanding India’s stance on the evolving dynamics in the Indian Ocean region.

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