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This time, the ‘spy ship’ is also in the hands of Pakistan

March 18, 2024 4:26 am

This time, the 'spy ship' is also in the hands of Pakistan.

Over the past few years, the movement of Chinese spy ships in the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal has increased.

First Sri Lanka now anchors Chinese spy ship in Maldives. This time Pakistan’s spy ship is going to be a headache for India.
China extended help to Pakistan to monitor India. Pakistan Navy received a new weapon – ‘PNS Rizwan.’

According to a report, Pakistan Navy has acquired its first spy ship. The ship is said to be capable of intercepting long-range nuclear missiles.

Pakistan has inducted PNS Rizwan into its Navy, the “Jababei” of Instrumentation Ship INS Dhruva originally built in India.

The length of this ship is 87 meters. Pakistan’s spy ship is much smaller than India’s INS Dhruva. The Indian warship is 175 meters long. The ship has a dome-shaped antenna. It also has a long-range fader.

INS Dhruva was built by Hindustan Shipyard in Visakhapatnam. The weight of this warship is 10 thousand tons. Apart from identifying enemy submarines, INS Dhruv can also study the structure of the seabed.

This time a similar warship has been added to the Pakistan Navy. PNS Rizwan can also do these tasks.

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