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Afghanistan Eyes Economic Growth: Ministry of Economy Reveals Strategic Plans

March 8, 2024 12:50 pm

Afghanistan Eyes Economic Growth: Ministry of Economy Reveals Strategic Plans

The Acting Minister of Economy, Din Mohammad Hanif, announced ambitious plans for economic growth during the opening of the Afghanistan-Iran joint exhibition in Kabul. The exhibition, which commenced on Thursday, March 7, is set to run for four days and aims to strengthen economic ties between Afghanistan and Iran.

At the inauguration, Minister Hanif revealed that the Islamic Emirate is actively working on a comprehensive five-year developmental strategic plan. The Economic Deputy of the Prime Minister’s Office is spearheading this initiative, and the plan’s secretariat is under the purview of the Ministry of Economy, currently in the final stages of completion.

Of the 94 booths featured in the exhibition, thirty are dedicated to Iranian businesses, indicating the significance of bilateral economic engagement. Participants have expressed enthusiasm about the exhibition, citing its potential to foster connections between Afghan and Iranian businessmen, ultimately building trust and creating a common market.

Mohammad Mohsen Kolahdooz, one of the participants, remarked, “This exhibition can impact us by allowing us to establish connections with Afghan businessmen and build trust to create a common market.” Soraya Yaqubi, another participant, highlighted the positive impact of participating together with Iran, fostering increased cooperation between the two nations.

Ghulam Riza Najari, the deputy ambassador of Iran’s embassy in Kabul, affirmed Iran’s commitment to expanding trade with Afghanistan. He assured that efforts are being made to address the challenges faced by Afghan business people in obtaining Iranian visas. “We cooperate in various sectors, especially in the economy. I hope that alongside the exchange of government and state-level delegations between the two countries, we will witness an increase in economic cooperation and exchanges,” stated Najari.

Jalali, the representative of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture for Afghanistan, highlighted some of the existing challenges. He mentioned problems at customs, logistical hurdles, and high costs of fuel as obstacles in trading with Afghanistan. Addressing these issues is crucial for facilitating smoother trade relations and reducing overall operational costs.

The joint exhibition with Iran follows a recent three-day event aimed at strengthening trade relations between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, showcasing the nation’s commitment to fostering economic partnerships with its regional neighbors.

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