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Bhutan’s roadshow in India set to boost summer arrivals

June 24, 2024 9:15 am

Bhutan has emerged as one of the top destinations for Indian travellers, especially during the summer months.
Bhutan has emerged as one of the top destinations for Indian travellers, especially during the summer months.

By Dechen Dolkar

The inaugural Indian Tourism Roadshow, held across four major cities in India, was aimed at increasing the number of Indian tourists visiting Bhutan.

The Department of Tourism conducted the five-day event from June 17-21 spanning Indian cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. The roadshow, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of tourism in Bhutan, was also aimed at boosting summer arrivals.

In May this year, 19,212 Indian tourists visited Bhutan, marking a 100 percent increase compared with April and May. In the first quarter of this year, 58 percent of the total 41,394 tourists who arrived in Bhutan were from India.

The government has pledged to achieve an annual inbound tourist count of 300,000 and to increase the percentage of dollar-paying tourists to 50 percent within the initial year, progressively increasing to 60 percent and eventually to 70 percent.

In a recent interview with CNA, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay stated that Bhutan’s tourism strategy is high-value, low-volume, and emphasised that the country cannot accommodate a large number of tourists.

He said that Bhutan was aiming for 300,000 tourists annually, beyond which the country cannot manage. “Bhutan does not have an absorptive capacity for a large number of tourists.”

The events saw an overwhelming response, with over 600 companies and 700 Indian travel agents in attendance. A diverse group of 18 Bhutanese exhibitors, including leading tour operators, hotels, and airlines, showcased exclusive offers, packages, and promotions designed to attract Indian travellers.

Chief Marketing Officer of DoT, Carissa Nimah, said that the enthusiastic participation from Indian travel agents and the positive interactions with Bhutanese exhibitors, underscored the strong interest in Bhutan as a travel destination.

She said that the roadshow strengthened the commitment to fostering deeper connections with the neighbouring market.

“We look forward to welcoming more Indian visitors to experience the unique beauty and culture of our Kingdom,” she said.

Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum Holidays, Neha Jain, said that the roadshow was outstanding, providing valuable opportunities to meet partners and gain deeper insights into Bhutan.

“The presentations and information provided by all partners were incredibly insightful, offering a comprehensive understanding of Bhutan’s unique attractions and tourism potential. Bhutan is just an hour’s flight from Kolkata, and being so close, I look forward to sending more passengers,” said Neha Jain.

The roadshow provided a unique platform for Bhutanese exhibitors to engage directly with Indian travel professionals, fostering stronger partnerships and creating new opportunities for tourism growth.

As Bhutan marks this significant milestone, the country remains committed to enhancing its tourism experiences and welcoming more visitors from India and beyond.

The exclusive events facilitated fruitful discussions between travel industry buyers and sellers, exploring exciting business opportunities and planning unforgettable experiences in Bhutan.

Bhutan has emerged as one of the top destinations for Indian travellers, especially during the summer months.

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