Corruption in universities in India, judicial inquiry ordered

April 23, 2024 10:49 am

Corruption in universities in India, judicial inquiry ordered

Governor VC Anand Bose has ordered a judicial inquiry into allegations of corruption in state universities.

The Raj Bhavan alleged that state universities were being used for political purposes. A one-member inquiry committee will be constituted to verify the complaint. Which will be headed by a retired judge of Supreme Court or Calcutta High Court.

As a result of this decision of the Raj Bhavan, the state-Raj Bhavan conflict is believed to have escalated. The state-governor conflict came to the fore again with the removal of the temporary vice-chancellor of Gaudeng University.

The angry governor released a ‘report card’ on Wednesday. It is said, “The Acharya has warned all the Vice Chancellors who have suspended their work due to the illegal orders of the Education Department.”

Then the state responded to the report card with a counter letter. The state says the governor wants to run the state’s universities on his own without any discussion. The letter also referred to the old order of the Supreme Court. The state also had further complaints that the governor was appointing unqualified persons as vice-chancellors. As a result, the development of the state’s higher education institutions is also stalled.

Trinamool’s professor organization Webkupa has criticized the judicial investigation of the governor.

The vice-president of the organization told the media, “It is very hot.” So the governor’s head is upset. He is not able to tolerate that the lectures are going on in the universities of the state. No matter how much the Governor tries to stop reading, we will never let him succeed.

BJP spokesperson Jagannath Chatterjee said about the governor’s decision, who else can order a judicial investigation? Who administered the oath? Is the Chief Minister sworn in? He who gives employment can eat employment. Governor has constitutional right to administer oath, appoint. If there is an allegation against Bratya Bose, only the Governor, not the Chief Minister, can order a judicial inquiry into it.

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