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Toll will be collected through satellite in India

March 31, 2024 3:35 am

Toll will be collected through satellite in India

India’s Union Ministry of Roads and Transport is going to launch a satellite based toll collection system. This system can be installed on different highways of the country.
In this method toll will be collected through artificial satellites. As a result, the current toll system may be lifted. The Road and Transport Ministry has already started preparations to make the plan a reality.

Minister Nitin Gadkari said the new toll system will use GPS and cameras. This will eliminate the need for toll booths and barriers. Vehicles will be identified through GPS and cameras and the toll tax will be deducted directly from the driver’s bank account. The amount of toll tax will depend on how many kilometers the vehicle has traveled.

The toll systems currently available are based on RFID technology. It is a radio frequency identification tag, which helps to identify and track vehicles through radio frequency. This system is also in operation in Bangladesh.

A camera is installed at the toll plaza, which tracks the vehicle’s FASTag ID and deducts money through the bank. However, if the new GPS based system is installed, the need for this ID will be reduced. According to the government, the new toll system will make the toll collection process faster and transparent.

Currently, the amount of tax is fixed at each toll plaza. Irrespective of the number of kilometers travelled, the deposit is to be paid. However, this number will change if the new system is added.

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