Tshering Tobgay unveils PDP’s Haa vision

The primary objective, he said, is to shape Haa into a vibrant tourism centre for the benefit of its residents.

December 26, 2023 12:17 pm

By KP Sharma

In Haa, People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) president, Tshering Tobgay, said that the party would expedite the road widening projects for the Samtse-Haa and Damchu-Haa highways.

The primary objective, he said, is to shape Haa into a vibrant tourism centre for the benefit of its residents.

During a meeting with the residents of Bji-Katsho-Uesu, PDP pledged to construct a Bailey bridge at Kana Pahakha, connecting the highway and Basto, town, Janatsam, and Geachukha to Tinchu Goenpa.

The party committed to replacing Maka Zam with a suspension bridge to Dhothanka in Bji. Plans to build extra retention walls and enhance Haa town facilities to meet the demands of tourism were also shared.

Addressing the people of the two constituencies in Haa, Tshering Tobgay emphasised the shared aspirations of the residents despite the smaller voter population. He expressed gratitude for the consistent support received over the past three elections, emphasising the significance of support from Haa, his hometown.

In Sombaykha, where Tshering Tobgay himself is a candidate, he acknowledged his limited time but appreciated the unwavering support.

He assured constituents of road connectivity in all gewogs of Samar, Gakiling, and Sombay.

He acknowledged incomplete works on the Samtse-Haa road, including bridge construction and blacktopping, pledging immediate attention to these issues if the PDP forms the government.

Addressing challenges faced in remote gewogs and chiwogs due to inadequate road connectivity, he drew on his experiences during election campaigns and visits as the opposition leader and prime minister, expressing a deep understanding of their concerns.

Highlighting Haa’s potential for cultivating various fruits and vegetables, Tshering Tobgay assured that, if the PDP forms the government, a comprehensive study would be conducted to support and promote agricultural farming.

Regarding the commitment to establish a central school in each gewog, he acknowledged challenges in some Haa gewogs due to limited population and insufficient students. In such cases, he proposed the possibility of two gewogs sharing one central school.

Having concluded his campaign in Haa, Tshering Tobgay has started his campaign in Samtse from yesterday.

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