What India said on Iran’s attack on Israel

April 15, 2024 3:27 am

What India said on Iran's attack on Israel

Israel’s relationship with India is very sweet. Historically, the country has always maintained good relations with Iran. In this situation, India did not condemn Iran’s attack on Israel. Instead, New Delhi has given a message to reduce tension and restore peace by maintaining diplomatic balance.

Confirming this news, according to a report of Hindustan Times, India said in its official statement, ‘The situation has become heated in the conflict between Israel and Iran in West Asia. We are very concerned about this. The security of the entire area can be disturbed. We therefore call upon both parties to defuse the situation as soon as possible. To resolve the issue through diplomatic negotiations. We are monitoring this situation very carefully.’

Meanwhile, in the past years, many Indians have started working in many countries of the Middle East. There are thousands of Indians in Israel as well.

In this context, it has been informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India that all the embassies of India located in this region are in contact with the Indians there.

Iran recently seized a cargo-carrying commercial ship off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. It is being said that Israel is connected with the ship carrying the flag of Portugal. Out of the 25 crew members of that ship, 17 are Indians. They are currently detained in Iran. In this situation, India is continuing diplomatic talks with Iran to bring them back.

Incidentally, Iran launched a rocket and drone attack on Israel before dawn on Sunday. A few days ago, the Iranian consulate in Syria was attacked. 7 high-ranking officials including a general died. Since that incident, Iran has been warning to attack Israel. Israel did not admit the attack but did not deny it. It was in this situation that Iran attacked Israel.

Meanwhile, British and American warships have been deployed in the Red Sea region with the help of Israel.

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