‘India’s VHP leader Swami Vigyanananda has destroyed peace and security of Bangladeshi Hindus’

VHP Bangladesh is calling a meeting of representatives of Hindu society.

September 2, 2023 12:28 pm

Swami Vigyanananda
Swami Vigyanananda.

Dhaka: Vishwa Hindu Parishad Bangladesh has called a special meeting with representatives of Hindu society from all over Bangladesh on Friday, September 8.

In a statement from Vishwa Hindu Parishad Bangladesh, VHP leader of India Swami Vigyanananda has created unrest among Hindus all over Bangladesh by publishing a false letter. The letter has been condemned by various communities.

In this regard, Sadhan Kumar Das, treasurer of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Bangladesh, said that during the election period, Hindus are a bit scared. What Swami Vigyanananda has done at this moment is very sad. created division among Hindus.

Liton Krishna Das, organizing secretary of VHP Bangladesh said in this regard, he has no right to create division among Hindus. What he has done is gravely wrong. Swami Vigyananda will be boycotted.

In this context, the office secretary of the organization Shri Shivdas Roy Maharaj said, we are not at all worried about such baseless letters. But the letter has gone viral and Hindus are feeling confused and insecure about it.

VHP Bangladesh
VHP Bangladesh Logo.

In this regard, the general secretary of the organization Mr. Kapil Krishna Mondal said that this organization was built with a lot of sacrifice, hard work and money. A letter from an individual will not harm the organization. But he has done a lot of damage to the Hindu society. It is very sad. The foundation of our organization is very strong. Various steps will be taken to speed up the activities of the organization in all districts by meeting with the present representatives.

In this regard, we have called a conference with all Hindu representatives next Friday. We will decide what to do from the said conference.

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